Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yesterday was a "WoW day"

You know what I mean. Yesterday was one of those days that you want to remember and put on your "Top 10 Best WoW Moments" list.
  • Helped get our last guildie up to 70 and made her a 3-set of Tailored gear that should last her a while.
  • Got my [Belt of Blasting], which hit-capped me.
  • Helped another guildie get what may very well be the last cloak he ever obtains.

In short: I did stuff that made me realize that for all intents and purposes I have already beaten the game.

What do I mean? Two things, really.

Thing One:
  1. I finally have Dailies figured out, which means that I pretty much have an unlimited supply of gold.
  2. I finally have Heroics figured out, which means an unlimited supply of Badges.
  3. Combine unlimited Badges and unlimited gold and I can get the gear that I won't be able to surpass before Wrath, without ever stepping foot in a 25-man.
  4. At the rate that I can farm Badges and gold, I have a very real chance of being geared enough to see at least some of the 25-man content before Wrath.

So, yeah. While I may not be full-T6, I've already won — the rest is just a matter of time. If Blizzard shut down the game tomorrow, I would still feel completely fulfilled.

That's a pretty good feeling. But I have something better for you.

Thing Two:

Now that I've already beaten the game, I can make serious strides towards helping my friends beat the game, too.
Need gold? No problem.
Need mats? No problem.
Need contacts? No problem.
Need to know where to go next? No problem.
Need another body? No problem.

Yesterday I was able to help two of my other guildies log off feeling good about the game and looking forward to coming back tomorrow. There's a pretty good chance that I will continue to be able to do that. My own progression is fun, but it's a means to an end.

The ultimate goal is to drag my friends along to every last corner of the game. I want to /point and say "Look at that, isn't it cool? They made this for us".

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