Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I just realized that I've been sustaining a rolling 300 +Shadow gain per month pretty much since I started the game. If I was a naive idiot, I would say that means that I only have 6 or so weeks until I down Kil'jaeden.

Yeah, right.

Seriously, though, thanks to my profile, the gear threads on, and my own data mining, I can see that 1100 +Shadow is realistically attainable. At this point, all it would take is gold for enchant mats and gems.

But here's the thing: I have the raw power, but not the control.

That 1100 number might get me a spot in a TK raid, but quite frankly my skills aren't up to it just yet. I need to practice. Not just practice going all out (Dr. Boom), but also practice running around and dealing damage when I can. Kara runs are good for that, as there is a nice variety between the boss fights — stand-n-spam for Maiden, run-n-dot for Nightbane and Shade, back-n-forth for Prince, multitask for Moroes.

Problem being, it's a week before you can do them again. And how well is your party going to take it if you ask “hey, can you all just stop DPSing and wipe, because I really need the practice”?

I haven't set foot in ZA yet, but maybe it's the same?

Actually ... as I type this out, a thought occurs to me. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit it, as it is kindof a “duh”: I really just need to PUG (or, preferably, guild-assist) every frickin' thing I can. Kara, ZA, Mags, Gruul, and any Heroic I can get into. Is that the answer? Brute force it?

Not that I mind, of course. I've yet to run into any content that I am tired of doing. Heck, I still do 15-25 dailies every single day. I'm even looking forward to revisiting BRD for Brewfest, and I hated BRD when I was leveling.

I don't know where I'm going with this little self-deprecating diatribe. Just still feeling like I've fast-tracked myself to stuff that I'm not ready for. Worried that people are going to figure out that I don't actually have a clue what I am doing.

So ...

Enchants to get me past 1100:
Runic Spellthread15/+10220g101
Bracers, Spellpower15462g666
Gloves, Spellpower15318g666
Cloak, Subtlety-262g428
Runed Crimson Spinel x218/+8185g

That would drop me at 1106. No, I am not including Soulfrost for now — the mats are ridiculous for the extra spell damage, and I'd rather wait until I got my Badge or Arena (ha!) blade.

From there, assuming no gear upgrades, it'd be 300g for each of 12 Runed Crimson Spinel and +3 damage. Oh, yay. I can't express how much fun 3600g is going to be to farm, all in the name of getting to 1142. And along the way, I'll hopefully be getting new dropped gear.


But it's good to at least have a plan, right? It's worked out well this far.

Oh, and I've noticed that I'm getting dead less and less in BGs lately. To the point where it's kindof creepy, actually. In the last couple of days I've managed to take down several Warriors, Rogues, Druids, and Mages much faster and easier than I was expecting. I've had a few zero-death runs. When my Prot Warrior guildmate and I run BGs it's sick how well we work together and the path of carnage we create. Sure, I hit quite a bit harder than I used to, but maybe I'm actually getting better at it?


Ho Ho said...

If I were you I'd first get decent trinkets and ring to replace the blues. Badge trinket is really good and if you could get the darkmoon one as second it could last you until the end of BT. Darkmoon one should cost around 1k and is pretty much constant +80 spelldamage on bossfights. That comes down to around 12.5g per spelldamage and is probably less than most enchants.

Of course timbal's from mgt would be a really good thing also.

The ring is a bit trickier thing. You could put 60 badges under it but it wouldn't probably be very wise. You can keep on running Kara for the chess ring, it wouldn't be that bad either.

Ho Ho said...

Also I'd really suggest you to spec properly for pve. You are loosing tons of damage with your hybrid pvp spec. I don't remember the exact numbers but I believe maxing mindblast and shadow power should give you about 100dps increase, if not more.

apanthropesp said...

Yep, trinkets and rings are definitely on the list. But, being gear that I can't count on, I didn't list them here. It kills me that my only blues and greens are rings and trinkets. Le sigh.

I've been keeping an eye out for the Blessings cards on the AH, but they have been few and far between. (You certainly get points for putting it in terms of gold-per-dmg, tho.)

As for my spec ... you have yet another good point. I sigh again. I assume that you're thinking along these lines?

I'm bummed that I'll be slowing down my non-raiding PvE (ImpMB isn't really going to help me down world trash any faster, and I'll miss Spirit Tap terribly), but I guess it really does have to be done. Losing Silence is going to be rough, though, as I still use it in Kara (R&J) and other places for interrupting healing trash.

Bleh. Going to a raiding spec is one of those things that, in my head, helps define the line between "casual" and "hard core". That's a bit of a step for me.

Ho Ho said...

"As for my spec ... you have yet another good point. I sigh again. I assume that you're thinking along these lines?"

Yes, something similar. Though as you don't have much haste yet and not enough hit to get one point from shadow focus you might move one point from imp. MB to shadow weaving. At 3/5 it can be a bit difficult to keep it on boss if there is lots of movement.

The spec change isn't too big jump. Silence is nice to have but often nearly useless. Blackout is also nice but hard to rely on. Both are good for pvp, though. In place of those you get quite a bit more damage so you can kill things faster and because of that they can hurt you less :)