Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Never settle. Ever.

Clicky-clicky for the larger version.  Or, just know that I hit 820 this morning and am now over my hit-cap, thanks to my brand spankin' new [Belt of Blasting].
After three straight days of 250g Daily farming and 15 badges, I was able to afford all of the mats.  I sent out the call on /Trade and Osiro, #10 SPriest on the server, answered.  Less than 5 minutes later I had my belt, and a few minutes after that I had my gems.

Not two weeks ago at my first Kara run I was at 653.  This morning I am at 820, hit-capped, and completely greenless.  I am sooo jazzed.

Oh, and Kara unlocks this afternoon.  Yay!

Gloves next, maybe?  I doubt I'll be lucky enough to snag some [Handwraps of Flowing Thought], but I can dream, right?


Ho Ho said...

Congrats on the belt, it'll last you for a long time :)

Though considering that you should have put pure damage gems in it to maximize the benefit. Sure, stamina is nice to have but that 60 HP won't save you often. Also haste is nice but considering that per-point it is weaker than damage and you won't be as mana-efficient it wasn't that good idea to get those gems, at least in my min-max'er mind :)

apanthropesp said...

Yep. I know I am mis-gemmed at this point, but the selection on the AH this morning was horrible. I'm not quite at the point where purples are easy to obtain, and of course I blew through almost all of my gold getting the mats for the belt. But ... I figured it was better to have something in there than nothing, so there we go.

I know that the selection in the AH will be better tonight or tomorrow morning. It always stinks on Mondays and Tuesdays.