Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Magtheridon, round 2, fight!

Tonight was Magtheridon with Origin.
Magtheridon up
Long story short: we totally win at the WoW.
Magtheridon down
I got #5 overall for damage done, and #7 for damage on the final try. I might have taunted the other SPriest, Casprin, a bit too much about not mashing his buttons hard enough. After beating him squarely on the initial attempts, he got me by 3k damage, or about 0.7%. Still, I'm extremely pleased with my performance. I still need to work on my rotation under pressure, but I'm getting noticeably better.

Also, I am now completely convinced that SWD is uber for raids. WWS says that I did 31k self-inflicted damage, but healed myself for 61k. If I'm reading it right, I also gave each of my party just about 20k in mana, or the equivalent of 7 Super Mana Potions each, or 160 MP5. Win!

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Ho Ho said...

Good job but there are still a lot room for imrpvement :)

First is of course VT uptime. 148 vs 182 ticks compared to SWP is not good at all, they should be as close to equal as possible. SWP uptime was pretty decent, in perfect world it should have had around 195 ticks but 182 isn't too bad.

Because of VT dropping you lost about 2300 mana over the fight (damage done/20 = theoretical amount of mana VT should have returned). That's almost an extra pot for each of your group members :)

Of course you could have used more MB and SWD over the fight but as you are not yet on the level where you can cut mind flays without having serious mana issues I guess you are pretty OK there.

As for the other SP, he seemed to have better gear and talent spec than you but his dot uptimes were much worse than yours so I'd say even though you didn't do as much damage you were more useful to the raid :)