Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Apanthrope, Shadow Priest, Champion of the Naaru

There's something different ... what ever could it be?
Apanthrope, Champion of the Naaru
Champion of the Naaru, bishes!


Yeah, I might be a little happy and proud of that one. I only started playing WoW a few months ago, so the pre-BC titles were not available to me. I hit exalted with SSO a while ago, but the “of the Shattered Sun” title doesn't mean anything to me. (Well, beyond “I can run dailies and tolerate the gank-fest-orgy that is Quel'Danas”.)

But “Champion of the Naaru”? That means something.

Specifically, it means:
  • I've downed Nightbane.
  • I've downed Gruul.
  • I've downed Magtheridon.
  • I've beaten 4 of the hard-mode Heroics.
Or, more succinctly:

I totally win at the Tier-4 content!

This title was another one of those things that I thought there was no way I'd see before Wrath put a stop to it. But here I am, and here it is.

I'm beginning to believe.

I believe it might be possible to get my “Hand of A'dal” title. Maybe. I'll need to really step it up if I want it. Shadow Priests seem to be in decent demand for 25-man content on my server. Let's be honest: no guild wants to have to PUG SPriests for end-raid bosses.

Can I PUG my way to Vashj, Kael'thas, and Hyjal? In the next 3 months?

Three months ago I would have laughed at you. Today? I don't know. Maybe. It does seem that fewer and fewer guilds are going for the end-bosses. But at the same time, I can't be the only one that knows the titles will soon be gone.


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