Thursday, July 3, 2008

Quo Vadimus

Where are we going?

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm trying to see as much as I can before Wrath. To that end, what is the gear that I am working towards? Well, it starts with a few rules:
  • 25-man loot doesn't count
  • 10-man loot doesn't count (I'll do the 10-man content, but I can't rely on the drops)
  • I won't be picking up Engineering
  • Presume that I can farm an infinite number of Badges, mats, and gold

In other words: stick to stuff that I can pretty much guarantee. Given those rules, how far would I get?

For the following table: PD=Pseudodamage, Dmg=Actual bonus spell damage, Hit=Spell Hit, Sock=Socket, Ench=Enchant added damage.

EDIT: Table removed because I am an idiot. It will return.


Chronic said...

Nice list, but why the mushroom? There are many obtainable trinkets that seem superior to me, the most obvious of which is Timbal's Focusing Crystal:

Or possibly DC/Crusade:

A couple other things, why would your MH have a 40 damage enchant on it and not Soulfrost? And why would you gem anything other than runed living rubies (or crimson spinels, we're assuming infinite gold)? I guess you can argue for great and/or veiled up to the hitcap, but I think you may be overvaluing socket bonuses.

Ho Ho said...

If you do pvp you could get that neck:
Better than that healers one.

If you already get loot from ZA then there is tons of stuff availiable there that is much better than what is on your list. With ZA loot you should get at least 100-200 more spelldamage than the gear in your list.

Also replace your sockets with +12 gems, they are availiable for badges.

apanthropesp said...

Yeah, I was working to get this one out before the holiday weekend and I didn't put the time into it that I should have. I'll revisit it sometime in the next week and repost.

For the sake of clarity, I've removed the table from the post.