Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I do it on the daily

My Daily rotation doesn't require any rep grinding to start, nor any group quests. (Ogri'la and Netherwing Dailies require a bunch of group quests before you can get to the daily quests.) It does, however, presume that your server has unlocked all of the SSO quests.

Start in Shattrath. Pick up:
  1. [Maintaining the Sunwell Portal] from Nasuun at the Quel'danas portal (10g)
  2. [The Multiphase Survey] from Haronem on the upper tier by the BG ramp (9g)
  3. [Gaining the Advantage] from Mordin by the flight point (16g)
  4. [Sunfury Attack Plans] from Torvos right next to Mordin (10g)

Fly to Nagrand.
  1. Fly to Oshu-gun. Don your [Multiphase Spectrographic Goggles] and get your 6 multiphases.
  2. If you are a skinner, while at Oshu'gun, kill any [Aged Clefthoof] or [Clefthoof Bull] mobs you see. Fly back toward Garadar and kill more clefthoofs until you've got all of the [Nether Residue] you need. You should also get a few [Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample], [Clefthoof Meat], and [Thick Clefthoof Leather] which are good for Halaa and the AH.

Approximate time: 15-25 min.

Fly to Blade's Edge.
  1. Head north to Bash'ir Landing.
  2. Kill ethereals until you get your [Bash'ir Phasing Device].
  3. Phase, then kill [Phase Wyrms] and pick up [Smuggled Mana Cell]. You should get a few [Mote of Mana] and [Apexis Shard] Save the shards for the Ogri'la questlines later.
  4. If you need to farm [Mote of Fire] for crafting, head east and kill off a few [Searing Elemental].

Approximate time: 15-25 min.

Fly to Area 52.
  1. Run west to Coruu and kill BElfs until you get your [Sunfury Attack Plans].
  2. If you need to grind Consortium rep, head south and kill ethereals to get [Zaxxis Insignia]. It's not worth any gold, but it does convert to rep.

Approximate time: 5-10 min.

Hearthstone back to Shattrath and turn in those 4. The whole trip should get you 45g and several mats for crafting or the AH. If you're lucky, the whole trip will take 30 minutes. If the drops aren't so good, it might take an hour.

Port to Quel'Danas. I'm not going to bother detailing the SSO Daily quests here, as they are all on one place.

Approximate time: 60-90 min. Revenue: 105g.

Pick up two more quests before you leave Quel'Danas: [Ata'mal Armaments] (18g) and [Rediscovering Your Roots] (14g).

Hearthstone back to Shattrath.

Fly to Shadowmoon Valley.
  1. Fly out to Ata'mal Terrace.
  2. Kill Shadowmoon orcs until they drop enough [Ata'mal Armament].
  3. Fly to Skettis.
  4. Pick up [Fires Over Skettis] (12g) from Doryn.
  5. Bomb the eggs.
  6. Land and talk to the Skyguard Prisoner to pick up [Escape from Skettis] (9g).
  7. Help the Skyguard Prisoner escape, then fly back to Doryn.
  8. Fly to Razorthorn Rise.
  9. Kill [Razorthorn Flayers] until you get a [Razorthorn Flayer Gland].
  10. Use the gland on a [Razorthorn Ravager] and get it to dig up [Razorthorn Root].

Approximate time: 25-45 min. Revenue: 21g.

Fly to the Throne of Kil'jaeden in Hellfire Peninsula.
  1. Talk to Seyla to get [Blood For Blood] (12g) and [Blast the Gateway] (10g).
  2. Use your [Sizzling Embers] so that your [Fel Flare] is out as you kill 8 [Fel Spark].
  3. Kill [Wrath Herald] to get [Demonic Blood].
  4. Use the blood on the [Felblood Initiate] to de-elite them, then kill them.
  5. Use the flare to blow up the gateway then turn in the quests.

Approximate time: 15-25 min. Revenue: 22g.

Fly or Hearthstone back to Shattrath. Port to Quel'Danas and turn in the last 2 quests for 32g. Use the [Darnarian's Scroll of Teleportation] to get back to Shattrath.

Total quests:20 Dailies.
Total revenue:225g, several greens, some crafting mats.
Total time:2h 15m to 3h 45m.
Realistic time:3h.
Wage:70g-80g per hour.

While you can certainly farm for stuff that will AH for more than 80g per hour, call it 100g per hour including all of the extra motes and greens that you get, it won't be nearly as varied and far more boring. It also probably won't get you nearly as much rep as the Dailies will. You get a ton of SSO, some Skyguard, and even some Consortium if you kill a few extra things along the way.

During the Midsummer Fire Festival, the Daily [Striking Back] is good for 7g and can be done in under 5 minutes including travel time while you are in Hellfire. If you make it back to a main city at any point, you can also do [More Torch Tossing] for 12g and, if you have enough skill, [More Torch Catching] for another 12g. If you are geared and can get a good group, you probably want to do [Summon Ahune] on Heroic for the extra badge instead of one of the torch quests.

That should leave you with 2 free Dailies. One, of course, should be the Daily Heroic for the Badges. The other, also of course, should be the Daily Battleground for the Honor. If the Daily BG is AV, I suggest you take the time to do it before all of your other Dailies. You have a better chance of getting Biscuits in AV than any other BG, and an 80-stack will easily last you the rest of the day.


Ho Ho said...

When I'm broke I do quite similar round. Only difference is after getting the attack plans I use my mount to fly directly to Throne of Kil'jaeden to do the quests there. Saves a HS cooldown I can use later to get from SMW to shat to teleport to the isle :)

apanthropesp said...

It depends on my mood and what the Cooking and Fishing Dailies are. I still don't have my epic mount, so it's almost as fast to HS and take the Flightpoint back to Thrallmar as it is to just fly from Netherstorm. But if I want to go afk for a minute, yeah, I'll just point and fly.

And I generally don't worry about the HS CD, as there's enough other stuff to keep me busy long past 60m.