Friday, July 18, 2008

Gear Longevity Chart, Beta 2

I've mentioned before that I've been working on this tiny little data mining project ... that just happens to now have ten thousand characters in it.

Long story short, it has undergone significant upgrades, and is now interactive! There are currently versions for: Shadow Priest, Holy Priest, Beast Master Hunter (Agility or Ranged Attack Power), and Protection Warrior. Gee, which specs do you think my guildmates are?

All of the versions start off showing you just Quest rewards and Crafted items, but can be expanded to include every kind of item available to that spec. Play around! Tell me if you break something.

Unfortunately ... it doesn't work in Internet Explorer 6, and is tricky in Internet Explorer 7. Sorry, folks, but I don't have time to work around busticated web browsers. Use Firefox or Safari or Opera or just about any sane web browser, please. Or, post the CSS workarounds as a comment and I'll update them.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Awesome... you said before that you may not have a big selection to pick from? I can see some items missing from 2hand, and Wrists at least, and that there is no PVP gear listed,even though some players will substitue that in place untill a better PVE item drops..

But I like it!
Interesting to see the longivity that some of the caster items have, making the cost of crafting them well worth it.

apanthropesp said...

What have you noticed missing? I'll look into it.

Also, there's tons of PvP gear listed! Did you use the "Sources" menu to expand the list? By default it only shows Crafted and Quested gear. But PvP is divided into a few categories (Arena, Honor, PvP).

Anonymous said...

ahh the crafted and quested gear makes more sense.. and I can blame my browser for not being able to see more.. :( then I need to re-evaluate what i think is missing..