Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunwell trash farming and Kalecgos

I got an invite to do some Sunwell Plateau trash farming last night with Totem Totem Totem. I managed to roll low the entire night and walk away with nothing other than a huge repair bill. But, it was still worth it to get to see new content.

Lots of “Everyone stack on me! Now ... everyone spread out!”. It was a drunkard's ballet.

Oh, and we took a half-hearted shot at Kalecgos and got him to 80%.

Yep. That's my 'leet Kalecgos screenshot. I was too busy trying to keep up with the group given my whopping 2 frames per second to get a chance to take anything better. /sigh

Sunwell is cool. It took 2 hours to clear trash just to the first boss, though. That's nuts.


Ho Ho said...

"Sunwell is cool. It took 2 hours to clear trash just to the first boss, though. That's nuts."

Don't worry, it's much easier and faster with more people who are geared well enough to actually kill the bosses there :) I think my guild needs about half an hour to get to first boss.

I got to pug farming group last night myself. Unfortunately the group disabanded about 15 minutes after I joined but I did get one epic blue gem :)

apanthropesp said...

I believe the grande total for loot for us was 1 Sunmote, 1 BoE Shaman Engineering design, and 9 gems.

Without going too QQ, it broke my heart that people were winning the gems and then saying "I don't know which one I want, I don't know anything about gems". I need 10 more Crimson Spinels, and even a single one would have been nice, but half of those tards are just going to AH them or let them sit in their bags. /cry

It could have been worse, though. As I understand it, the group had run earlier in the day and ended up sharding a Shivering Felspine because no one in the group could equip a Polearm. The language coming from the Hunters that heard this was ... colorful, to say the least.

But, honestly, to expect anything else from a PUG trash run would be insanity. I'll take it for what it was and be happy to have seen something new.