Friday, August 1, 2008

Magtheridon is now officially on farm

Got an invite last night to do Magtheridon with We Raid Naked. They were very well-organized, and were able to two-shot Mags after a 1% wipe. You might want to glance over the WWS reports for the encounter. Why? Because ...

Yours truly was #1 for damage both for the night and for the kill.

No, I am not quite sure how it happened, either. Sexy though, eh?

I had done my second respec the night before, going to a raiding build instead of a flat PvE build. I reconfigured to put 4/5 points into Improved Mind Blast, reducing its cooldown by 2 seconds, and 5/5 into Shadow Power, increasing the crit chance of my big spells by 15%. The loss of Silence is going to take some getting used to.

I took some time earlier in the night to run out to Dr Boom to practice with the new talents, as the ImpMB changes my rotation completely. But, the time paid off. I managed to out-DPS the other SPriest at Mags by a fair margin, even though he outgears me by roughly 100 +Shadow. Holy practice-makes-perfect, Batman!

The increased crit on the SWD apparently gave a few of the healers heart palpatations, however. I spoke with two of them, independently, and each brought up that they spent a significant amount of their time healing me. It doesn't help that I apparently stood in the falling debris a little too often. (Spell Detail video setting on Low FTL.) Looking at the WWS, I need to figure out how to convince them to ignore healing me directly and just let the raid heals get me.

I think I should have all of my Trial of the Naaru quests done before next week's Mags, which would be the awesomest of the awesome.


Ho Ho said...

Congrats on the great performance. From the look of the WWS your main strength was much better dot uptime and twice the MB usage. :)

apanthropesp said...


I had heard that th 4/5 ImpMB led to a much smoother rotation, but it really is something you have to experience to believe. Just 2 seconds doesn't sound like much, but I kept looking at my DOT timers and thinking "wow, is it up already?!?!".

The next thing I need to work on is DOT clipping. In reading Misery today, it looks like you've already started spreading that love around. I may as well start looking into it, too.

Dr Boom is quickly becoming my friend.